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planet edtech and gen-ai teachers

Updated: Jun 27

Planet Edtech sometimes feel like a maglev train on steroids as developers board the AI express.  But  are the tracks going in the right direction?

Many products, early as they are, do more and more planning for teachers.  In an era when teachers’ administration and compliance work has risen, this can seem like a godsend. 

But is it?

In a recent market interview, one teacher warned “Think carefully where this [technology] is taking us.”

Many solutions write lesson plans, resources and assessments for teachers. On the one hand this is great!  As a teacher, I know where my students are and where I want to go next with them.  Using AI in this way can save me time planning EVERY next step, searching for resources, walking down to the photocopying room (yes, we still do that occasionally) … and so on.

It could also quickly become deterministic.  A minority of teachers are workbook teachers, teaching to the workbooks supplied to students.  AI could amplify this pedagogy. 

AI could also usher in a highly managerial approach to teaching, with teachers required to teach lessons developed and assessed by AI.

Those scenarios seem inevitable, but hopefully as the exception rather than the rule. 

GEN-AI teachers will combine the best of the current and future practice across the important domains of teaching – curriculum, relationship, pedagogy and data. 

They’ll be curriculum experts, able to connect and teach all parts of their learning area as students progress at different rates.  They’ll build strong relationships, knowing their students individually.  They’ll adapt their pedagogy to motivate and engage learners.

And they’ll be increasingly data literate. 

AI is rapidly improving its ability to do sophisticated tasks such as marking, traditionally the exclusive domain of teachers. Marking is valuable because it opens a window on what our students (don’t) know and let’s us give feedback to students that may motivate them.

It’s also time-consuming. Good AI will save time while retaining teachers’ professional autonomy and connection with students.  This is more than just training AI to mark students’ work.  It’s about designing solutions that support … and require teachers to stay in control.

GEN AI teaching doesn’t mean AI generated lessons delivered by human teachers. It means independent, skilled professionals knowing their students, curriculum and craft ... using AI selectively and smartly to enhance learning.

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