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9.13 am

Teacher Name

DEMO High School

Test:  Is Literacy Really Important?






Students who are entered in the test (but aren't logged in) :

  1. Josh Barnes

  2. William Windsor

  3. Christopher Luxon

Students who have logged in (but haven't started) :

  1. Nicola Willis

  2. James Cameron

  3. Angelina Jolie

  4. Chris Wong

Students who have started (and are still doing) the test :

  1. Amy Winehouse

  2. Chloe Swarbrook

  3. Joe Biden

  4. Charlotte Windsor

  5. Ed Sheeran

  6. Ariana Grande

  7. Rihanna

  8. Timothy Chamolet

  9. Genhis Khan

  10. Jack Spratt

  11. Emmanuel Macron

Students who have submitted (finished) the test:

  1. James Shaw

  2. Marama Davidson

  3. Chris Hipkins

  4. James Cagney

  5. Nancy Regan

Click on the student's name to allow them back into the test to edit their work.


Click the CLOSE TEST button to permanently end it.  Students will not be able to do any more writing or re-enter the test.

The test will automatically save any tests that students are still working on and then close them.  It will then mark the test for you.

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