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Josh Doe

DEMO High School


a) Resource ... READ the following:

Teachplus - use LISA to improve your students' writing.

Write an article for your community newsletter about outdoor adventure programmes for young people. You could include:

  • whether or not outdoor adventure programmes are worthwhile

  • what skills a young person might gain from them

  • what barriers might prevent young people from participating in them.

b) Task ... DO the following

  • Write between 250 and 350 words.

  • Your writing will be assessed on its appropriateness and accuracy, and on the way you organise and develop your ideas.

c) Plan ... PLAN your ideas in the box below:

    (This won't be marked)

Type your ideas here ...

d) Answer ... WRITE your answer in the box below:

Start typing your answer here ...

e) Check 

  • Read your answer, and make any changes that you think it needs.

  • Click the CHECK box (on the right) when you've finished checking.

I've checked my work and am finished.

f) Submit 

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