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DEMO High School


Outdoor adventure programmes are pretty cool. You get to do fun stuff like climbing, kayaking, and camping. It's way better than just sitting at home playing video games.


These programmes teach you a lot too. You learn how to work with others, solve problems, and get stronger. It's like a challenge, and when you overcome it, you feel really good about yourself. Plus, being outside in nature is awesome. It's so peaceful and you get to see amazing views.


But not everyone gets to do these programmes. Some people might not have enough money to pay for it, or maybe their parents are too busy to take them. And some people might be scared to try new things or be away from home.


Maybe we could make these programmes cheaper or offer scholarships so more people can join. We could also talk about them more so people know how great they are. It would be cool if everyone had a chance to experience the fun and excitement of outdoor adventure.

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TEST:  Community Newspaper - Outdoor Adventure Programmes     (24/5/24)

Nicola Willis


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