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DEMO High School


Are you bored? Do you want to do something different? Maybe outdoor adventure programmes are for you! They are super fun and you learn lots of stuff. Outdoor adventures are good for you. You get fit and strong from climbing, kayaking, and tramping.  But you learn other cool things too. You can learn how to work as a team, follow instructions, and solve problems. You also learn how to be brave and keep trying even when things get tough. Some people might not want to do outdoor adventures because they are scared. They think it's too dangerous. But the instructors are there to help and keep everyone safe. Some people don't have the right clothes or shoes to go outside, but you can usually borrow them. Sometimes it costs money to do these things, but sometimes it's free. And some people don't like being away from home for too long. But there are short trips too! If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, you should try an outdoor adventure programme. You won't be sorry!​

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William Windsor

TEST:  Community Newspaper - Outdoor Adventure Programmes     (24/5/24)


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