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less compliance

more teaching

better learning

Teachers are the heart of education

They do a complex and rewarding job

... but are drowning
in compliance

it's time to disrupt that model

We want teachers spending more time on the high value elements of teaching

teaching model 2.png
  • relationship building

  • student interaction

  • personalised resources



teachplus is a suite of solutions that do the onerous and routine tasks of teaching ... 

... and support teachers to connect with students.

lisa logo.png

LISA is a diagnostic tool that provides schools with self-marking literacy tests.


lisa logol.png

LISA+ is a literacy app for parents and students at home.



KAI is a digital teacher assistant that marks student work and does basic teaching.



JOe is a write-on tablet with LISA, KAI and other learning solutions pre-installed.

Join our Community

We're making teachplus a reality now and would love to collaborate with you or your school. Contact us to be part of the journey.

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